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Exclusive Kashmir Sapphires: A Gem of Unmatched Beauty and Rarity

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In this blog, we will discuss about the Rare and Exclusive Kashmir Sapphires: A Gem of Unmatched Beauty and Rarity

The Rare and Exclusive Kashmir Sapphires

The Rare and Exclusive Kashmir Sapphires: A Gem of Unmatched Beauty and Rarity

Kashmir Blue Sapphires, also known as Neelam stones, hold a legendary status in the world of gemstones. Discovered around 1881 in the Zaskar range of the Himalayas, these sapphires are renowned for their exceptional quality and mesmerizing color.

The Unique Allure of Kashmir Blue Sapphires

Kashmir Blue Sapphires are celebrated for their rare and beautiful velvet color, often described as cornflower blue. This distinctive hue is due to the presence of fine silk inclusions within the stone. The mining of these precious gems primarily took place between 1882 and 1887, adding to their rarity and making them one of the most sought-after gemstones globally.

Collectors and royals worldwide covet these sapphires for their unmatched beauty and historical significance. When viewed from the top, a Kashmir Sapphire appears to have a concentrated color on its crown, with the culet (bottom pointed face) displaying a deep color. This visual effect is because the pavilion or elbows of the gemstone have a lighter color, enhancing its brilliance and making it astrologically powerful.

The Indian Touch: Cutting Style and Astrological Significance

Kashmir Sapphires are often cut in a special Indian style, which is sometimes criticized by Western specialists. However, this cutting style resonates deeply with astrological beliefs. The broader facets of the cushion and oval cuts maximize the gemstone's energy, making it a powerful tool for astrological benefits.

One of the notable cutting styles is the Mogul cut, characterized by a deep pavilion and broad facets. This cut enhances the depth of color and increases the luminosity of the gemstone, resulting in a mesmerizing interplay of light and color.

The Journey and History of Kashmir Sapphires

The journey to the Kashmir mines was challenging and dangerous. Located in the Zanskar range of the Himalayas, accessing these mines required crossing the Chinab and Wardwan Rivers and navigating narrow canyons. The mines were heavily guarded by the Maharaja of Kashmir to protect the valuable gemstones. The mining period was short but intense, with the most significant activity occurring between 1882 and 1887.

The rarity of Kashmir Sapphires makes them almost mythical. New discoveries are extremely rare, and most existing specimens were found over a century ago. Their superior cornflower blue hue and the unique sleepy quality of the color make them the epitome of sapphire perfection. While Burmese and Ceylonese sapphires are also highly regarded, they cannot match the allure of Kashmir Sapphires.

Discover Our Exclusive Collection

At, we take pride in offering only the finest natural gemstones. Among our exclusive collection, we have a stunning 3.06 carat Natural Kashmir Sapphire. This exquisite gem features an ice-blue lighter shade and flawless clarity, with negligible inclusion patterns and vibrant brilliance.

"In our own inventory, we have an exclusive 3.06 carats Natural Kashmir Sapphire, which has an ice-blue lighter shade of colour, but has totally flawless clarity inside the gemstone. There are negligible inclusion patterns seen inside, and also has a vibrant brilliance associated with it.

Blue Sapphire - 3.06 Carats


Kashmir Blue Sapphires are not just gemstones; they are pieces of history, art, and nature's unparalleled beauty. Their rarity, combined with their stunning color and significant astrological benefits, makes them a prized possession for anyone who appreciates the finest things in life.

Whether you are a collector, a believer in astrological benefits, or someone looking for a unique and powerful gemstone, Kashmir Sapphires offer an experience like no other. Explore our collection at and add this rare gem to your treasured collection.